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Q:  How can I get my homeowners insurance to pay for the plumbing repairs?


A:  We specialize in locating the leak and getting your homeowners insurance to pay for the repairs!  


Our process is easy to follow:


1.  We will locate the leak


2.  We will set up emergency drying equipment to prevent mold growth. 


3.  We will coordinate one of our plumbing partners for repairs.


4.  We will meet with your insurance company to discuss the required repairs to your home.


5.  If mold or asbestos is found, we will coordinate proper removal.


6.  We will pack/move and store furniture during the repair work process, if needed.


6.  Once all work is complete, we will clean up and bill your insurance company for the work completed. 




How It Works?

Schedule Your Leak Detection

One of our experienced leak technicians will come to your home and locate the leak.  We will also coordinate the repairs with one of our plumbing partners.

Develop a Game Plan for Repairs  

We will help you file a homeowners insurance claim, if needed.  We can also discuss financing options, if you do not have insurance.

"These guys were so amazing!  We were going out of town for 2 weeks, and the day before we left, we had a pipe break.  It flooded our home, and we were about to cancel our vacation, when we were referred to Leak Detection of Oklahoma!  They came out that day and located the leak, helped us file our insurance claim, and they met with our insurance company and had all the repairs complete before we got back home!  10 stars!"

"Honest, hardworking group of guys.  They made the process so easy.  They even moved our furniture in and out of the house to prevent damage.  I didn't have insurance, so they helped me get financing to pay for the damage repairs!  Top Notch!"

"I called my insurance agent to file my claim, and he said there was no coverage for my damages because they felt it was long term damage.  I was referred over to these guys after posting on NextDoor, and they came over immediately.  They were able to find that the pipe broke due to a freeze and helped me get my insurance claim approved!  I ended up hiring them to do all the repairs after that.  They did a great job!

Our customers say about us

Complete the Repairs with a Warranty

We will coordinate, sequence, and supervise all repairs to completion using our vetted background checked contractors.